Is a disease of worldwide distribution which is characterized by the presence of granulomas in affected organs. It was believed to be rare in India but with incresed awareness we are diagnosing sarcoidosis in large numbers of our Indian patients. Almost any organ can be affected but lungs, glands, joints and skin are most commonly affected. Sarcoidosis and tuberculosis are very similar and we have often encountered patients who have been misdiagnosed.
Involves a tissue biopsy from an affected organ. From the lungs this is most easily and painlessly done by bronchoscopic biopsy which in our hands has a yield of almost 80%. CT scanning, PFT and SACE levels are also of some value.
Many patients with sarcoidosis may recover spontaneously without any drugs. Carefully selected patients are offered steroids which must be given under careful supervision.

Methotrexate and TNF-blockers have been used with success in several series.